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NYC Head’s Up! Olcay Gulsen SUPERTRASH Fashion Show 10/16/2012

10/15/2012 Maggie Barry & Michael Antonio Shoes Fashion Show. #LAFW #SS2013 #Stunning (photo/video)


I am a Michael Antonio Shoes fan girl. For a long time I have been wearing, toting and secretly adoring their shoes. I love the style, grace, comfort and sexy they bring to my petite feet. Quite possibly, I dream of Michael Antonio shoes, because they are not only wonderful to wear but a late night fantasy (shhh it’s my dirty little secret).

Michael Antonio Buckled Heels

Maggie Barry is a creative genius, bringing imagination to life. Her clothing has been worn by stars who walk on air and want art in fashion as much as she does. She created Cher’s famous leather thong outfit from her ‘Turn Back Time’ video and she works, and plays with such famous names as Lady Gaga, Miss J. Alexander (ANTM) and uses singer and model Morganne Picard as her spokesmodel for her brand.

Morganne Picard with Maggie Barry

LA Fashion Week on Monday, October 15th was a visual collaboration brought together by both of these artists & designers to create a step away from traditional fashion to bring Fashion fusion/footwear to life for Maggie Barry and Michael Antonio’s SS 2013 show in downtown’s nightspot, Exchange LA.

This brought designers, stylists, fashionistas, actors, actresses, fashion/event photographer, trend watchers and the artistic diva’s of the night out.

I ran into Eric of Prep Jerks whose business as a stylist and fashion forward man is booming. Keep an eye on him here http://www.prepjerks.com. He’s got a taste for business, design and fashion that is unparalleled. Go Prep Jerks!

The collection was stunning, eclectic, bright, beautiful, unique and I loved every moment. I ran into friends (Vikki Lizzie, Sabrini Paridisi) saw a freak chic ladies from acting (Bai Ling, Phoebe Price) and loved the sleek futuristic runway clothing and shoes. From the flash to atmospheric after party, this event was a win/win.

Let’s take a look at who and what showed up,

A very HUGE thank you to Bob Degadillo for use of his photos!! He always makes me look gorgeous

The very gorgeous other redhead, Phoebe Price #goteamginger, Photo by Bob Degadillo

Sabrina Paridisi and I. Pale and tan beauties. Photo by Bob Degadillo

When dressing for a fashion show, remember shoes do get photographed. My shoes and Sabrina’s. Photo by Bob Degadillo.

Yes men dressed well too. Kilt’s are ALWAY in.

Showing shoes to Eric of Prep Jerks. Available at Bizzy B of Hollywood.

Loved her outfit, classic black with perfect bow topper.

This is how to steal the show. Greatest hat I have ever seen as well. unfortunately it’s a New York city one-of-a-kind find. Sorry ladies.

Best guys to party with. Over bar the bar these guys were cracking me up.

LA girls


The most fabulous jacket there. Missing in photo, the sequins attached to this were iridescent.

The show ended with a giant dancing orb

The show tapped into an amazing visual of light with a cross of adult animation come to life. Think Aeon Flux done right. I have to commend and recommend checking out Maggie Barry for those who haven’t seen her art and fashion. The woman is beyond a visionary.

Check out the runway video below (I was in an uncomfortable position making, however it somehow made great footage).

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Victoria’ Secret Brings the Sexy by Taping VS Fashion Show Tonight #HappyHumpDay


Everyone love’s an Angel. I’m talking about the bootie shaking kind with extra sexy bra’s of course. Everyone like’s THAT kind of Angel.

Thankfully, it is that time of year again. If you can’t make the show in NYC, which tapes tonight, they have plenty of bootie/boobie shaking online and on TV….but NOT until December, 4th 2012!!!

Oh the agony! What can we do until December 4th?
Until then they have contest, Behind the Scene’s and sketches of the show to keep you amused.

For online VS Angel’s ‘Behind the Scene’s’ click here;

If you are like me, and believe TV is the devil (because I have internet which has everything anyway :P ) Go online here and catch the show on December 4th.


Until then, Happy Hump Day!

(Thank you again to the VS Angels in Corporate who helped the National Guard in NYC with generators and forklifts, see here; http://heathyrwolfe.com/2012/11/05/victorias-secret-helping-nyc-the-national-guard-i-3-the-usa/)

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Leighton Meester Works Flaunt Magazine Like #thesex


It’s a slow news day. Hostess, COPS and Britney Spears are all cancelled in one way or another. Everyone in the grand ol US of A is prepping houses and food for Thank-turkey, and no one is acting trashy enough to make the news. Except the Kardashians. They are always trashy, so that isn’t news.

So instead of trying to pry news from the net with the jaws of death I found Leighton Meester actually looking sexy. That of course is because she is in one of my favorite publications, Flaunt Magazine.

Flaunt Magazine has the amazing ability to make anything and anyone look gorgeous. Between amazing shoots and heavy photoshopping they always win. This also conforms one of my favorite fashion trends of winter, goat hair. We are talking leather and goat hair, jackets, boots and purses are ON trend. Or at least the geniuses (no sarcasm) over at Flaunt think so.

Enough talk of accessories for winter. Here is Leighton Meester looking undoubtedly sexy.
Flaunt dishes it up smoking, sexy hot. Check it;

leighton_meester_flaunt_crazy leighton_meester_flaunt_crazy_2 leighton_meester_flaunt_crazy_3 leighton_meester_flaunt_crazy_4 leighton_meester_flaunt_crazy_5 leighton_meester_flaunt_crazy_6 (1)


Props to Flaunt Magazine. You guys get an A++ for effort and a gold star for ass. Except next time leave the girl/girl photo out. Leighton failed that.

In the meantime I will try digging up decent news. Enjoy the Meester and congrats to Flaunt for killing it…yet again.

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Balenciaga Helm/Head Designer, Who Has It?


It has been a month since the handsome and talented Nicolas Ghesquiere stepped down as the head of Balenciaga. New prospects are finally opening up for Balenciaga and it seem’s our darling, and always cheery Alexander Wang may be the top prospect for head Designer.

With years of design experience with his own line and a fresh very modern look to his clothing I approve. Wang is known to be innovative and unique. With fashion houses being helmed with designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Vivienne Westwood, Betsey Johnson and Gareth Pugh you must become a celebrity as well as an entrepreneur in the 21st century.

Here’s hoping he get’s the job. We need fresh talent to keep fashion interesting!

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Romeo Beckham Does Burberry – Editorial Video


Tis the season for Fashion Editorial video’s and our Fashion House today is Burberry. Stylish, classic chic with an amazing brand image. Who doesn’t think about that perfect plaid when Burberry is mentioned?

It also makes me think of trench’s and English tea. And how Victoria Beckham was banned from wearing Burberry a few years ago because it was ‘trashy, not classy’ on her.

Well payback is a bitch and we love it. The best revenge is living well and having gorgeous children. Right Victoria?

Not only did Victoria turn her life around BUT she married David Beckham and had kids.

Cute ones. So cute…..Romeo Beckham is now working as a model. And he just got his first job. Working FOR Burberry.

I love irony. It’s just wicked and funny. Also makes for great blogging!

All things said and done, Burberry and the Beckham’s mended things and are working together. So glad the Big B and the Big V aren’t in a bitch fight anymore.

Here are the shots Mario Testino took of the wee cheeky monkey thanks to GraziaDay.co.uk;

© Copyright Burberry/Testino

© Copyright Burberry/Testino

© Copyright Burberry/Testino© Copyright Burberry/Testino

Check out Romeo Beckham’s debut as a fashion model as the fabulous new face of the brand in this quick and sweet video ;

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‘Meggings’, Things to Leave Behind in 2012 #Fashion #Men #Why

You made me not Belieb

You made me not Belieb

I think the picture above says it all.

‘Meggings’ or man leggings are one trend we would LOVE to see die in 2012. I remember a ton of hair rockers wearing them in the 80′s. The premise was being ‘over the top’ or ridiculous. And it worked. Now meggings have resurfaced, but this time they are considered a fashion statement. (God save us)

According to http://fashion.telegraph.co.uk meggings are sold at some of the top luxury brand stores and are going international;

(In the US) Uniqlo, Barneys and Nordstrom are selling tights for men.

The bad news is they are on their way to Britain: Uniqlo is already selling them on its British website, and their success in New York is seen as an indication they will also prove popular here. (the UK)

Perhaps some of my skinnier-than-thou gays could work that style, or a REALLY hot metro sexual man. GQ boys can get away with anything.

Man leggings….meggings? I think there is a line you can cross with good taste and this it.

Russell Brand wore them but did it as a joke. Ya know, that funny ha-ha thing. And Justin Bieber has the fashion sense of a Disney kid. Ergo, what ever wardrobe gives him he wears. The Telegraph UK sites Lenny Kravitz wearing them, however he reeks of sex. He can pull of anything.

I hope to say good-bye to meggings this new years. Perhaps I will burn one in effigy and pray to the gods. Lets let meggings die in 2012 and skinny jeans reign free.

What do you think of the ‘Meggings’ trend. Do or die? Live or try?

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And I’m BACK! Freja Beha Erichsen, Models.com Video & Mo&Co. #Sexy #Mod #Style

Mo&Co. from China creating a niche in the Fashion Market.

Mo&Co. from China creating a niche in the Fashion Market.

I love starting back with a good bang. So let’s post something….bangable? Freja Beha and Mo & Co recently collaborated with Karim Sadli creating a fashion video that will blow your mind AND make you buy their clothes.

After all how can you go wrong with a Mo & Co.’s mod rocker pants, stills of cool masks and a rock star like Freja Bheja.

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It’s All About #Geometry. SS2013 Herve Leger.


With things going the way they have this January, I can only apologize for not filling you in and writing. I do however feel caught up on health and work issues so it’s time for me to dazzle you with something special. With NYFW upon us (the 7-14th) I thought you might need a pre-fashion week fix. Luckily the demi-god designer known as Herve Leger just put his SS2013 designs on sale. And they are beyond amazing.

This years Spring/Summer collection dazzles with geometric shaping. Known primarily for his beyond sexy bandage dresses, Leger always bring something new to the table. Otherwise his collection would not be THE thing to buy and wear. This year he added intensity in geometric shaping to make his dresses have extra emphasis on your body shaping. Turning every woman into a an angular modelesque shape that flatter and make his clothes and accessories as close as you can get to wearing art.

Note the harness and the shaped pants. They really are something out of this world.


Leah Mixed Applique Pants


Adeline Multi-Mixed Applique Dress


Peplum Harness

This Color mixture is gorgeous and all over SS2013 Runways


Jacklyn Multi Jacquard Dress

This is made for emphasis on a sexy waistline. Flattering for any shape or size.

Yes, it comes in Black as well.


Contoured Waist Belt

And the The amazing piece by far is one of my favorites. The contours, lines with an addition of a flirty skirt make this well worth the money and pre-order.


Vida Passementerie Embroided Dress


Vida Passementerie Embroided Dress Back

My god it really is reminiscent of a piece of Art Nouveau. The lines both swirl and the embroidery delicate. This is modern-day grace.

Unfortunately with a whopping $12,500 dollar tag I may have to wait on buying it. Thankfully this is pre-order custom piece by Monsieur Leger.

Either way everything in this collection is worth buying and dreaming about. And dreams like this in my world, end up in my closet.

Take a look at the full collection here;


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Eva Mendes Dives into Fashion with New York & Co. Deal #NewLine #Sexy #FashionDiva


I love Eva Mendes. She is spunky, sexy, knows how to smile, takes things seriously but not too seriously. She is hot, has curves and is just plain gorgeous.

It makes perfect sense having all these attributes that she would go and start her own fashion line.
According to Women’s Wear Daily, Eva has partnered with NY&Co. Known for their simple and clean work styles, to create some bombshell gorgeous evening wear. It will be called (of course), Eva by Eva Mendes. Nothing like adding star quality and name to your brand.

“This could be significant for us,” said Greg Scott, chief executive officer of New York & Co. “We like to think big. We’ll see how the collection can grow.” Bridesmaid dresses are just one of the opportunities, Scott said.

Eva by Eva Mendes will consist of a large dress component and accessories. “We don’t address day-to-evening and real cocktail looks today,” Scott said. “There will be pants and jeans because that’s what our brand is known for. Eva is excited to pursue that also.”

I’m glad Eva is pursuing casual wear. We need more pants and jeans to fit our curvier girls. My roommate is 24/7 hell trying to find cute jeans to fit her booty. Eva’s style is amazing and she knows how to put something together is always unique with class. CEO Greg Scott of NY&Co. agree’s;

“We want her influence in the collection,” Scott said. “She has amazing red carpet style and also has a very unique style off the red carpet. She has a real sense of self, which will help us in terms of the design aesthetic. When we look at her, she really is confident.”

Hell yes she does. And she’s smart as a whip too.

I’m looking forward to see what miss thing can put together. I think Eva is beyond sexy. Any attire she helps them create will be too. With such a great sense of style, how it not be a win?

Th collection should have quite a few LBD’s and is full of print’s. Worried it’s ANOTHER celebrity brand with no Eva behind it? Ms. Mendes is 150% involved.

Mendes has already participated in a few creative meetings. “The other day, I went to the office with half my closet,” she said. “Part of the fun is coming up with the designs and looking through my closet. There are a lot of prints and lots of color. Black can be very chic and very New York,” but Mendes realized that her wardrobe is comprised mostly of color and prints.

You go sexy bitch!

I’m looking forward to seeing what she can do for the industry. If she can’t do it, no one can.

Don’t disappoint Eva. We are rooting for you.

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Punk is NOT Dead! MET Costume Institute Displays Punk Coutoure. #McClaren #Westwood #McQueen #ROCK

All photos by Betty Sze of Models.com

All photos by Betty Sze of Models.com

Who say’s Punk is dead? Not the NY MET Costume Institute. Recently Anna Wintour, Riccardo Tisci and several others put their best punk foot forward at a gala to display a full array of punk wear. Original Vivienne Westwood/Malcolm McClaren, McQueen, Lagerfeld and Galliano’s outfits are displayed in this diverse look at punk influence.

Punk art & street influence began to show its distasteful head in the mid-1970′s and still has a rough handle on the fashion industry to this day. Ricardo Tisci of Givenchy, Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm Mclaren embraced it around 1976 and never looked back. To this day Westwood’s punk influence is still pretty heavy in her collections. You don’t get to be a well-known designer of 30+ years by playing it safe. And punk, has NEVER been safe.

Checkout the display in New York City from the MET evening of Punk.

All photos by Betty Sze of Models.com - Alexander McQueen, 2008

All photos by Betty Sze of Models.com – Alexander McQueen, 2008

All photos by Betty Sze of Models.com - Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld 2011

All photos by Betty Sze of Models.com – Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld 2011

All photos by Betty Sze of Models.com - Commes Des Garcon, 2004

All photos by Betty Sze of Models.com – Commes Des Garcon, 2004

All photos by Betty Sze of Models.com - Dior by John Galliano 2006

All photos by Betty Sze of Models.com – Dior by John Galliano 2006

All photos by Betty Sze of Models.com - Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, 2007

All photos by Betty Sze of Models.com – Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, 2007

All photos by Betty Sze of Models.com - left: Vivienne Westwood & Malcolm Mclaren 1976, Right: Rodarte, 2008

All photos by Betty Sze of Models.com – left: Vivienne Westwood & Malcolm Mclaren 1976, Right: Rodarte, 2008

All photos by Betty Sze of Models.com - Moschino, 1994

All photos by Betty Sze of Models.com – Moschino, 1994

All photos by Betty Sze of Models.com - Versace by Gianni Versace, 1994

All photos by Betty Sze of Models.com – Versace by Gianni Versace, 1994

All photos by Betty Sze of Models.com - Vivienne Westwood & Malcolm Mclaren 1976

All photos by Betty Sze of Models.com – Vivienne Westwood & Malcolm Mclaren 1976

All photos by Betty Sze of Models.com - Vivienne Westwood & Malcolm Mclaren, 1976

All photos by Betty Sze of Models.com – Vivienne Westwood & Malcolm Mclaren, 1976

All photos by Betty Sze of Models.com - Zandra Rhodes, 1977

All photos by Betty Sze of Models.com – Zandra Rhodes, 1977

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Things to Watch: L.A. Frock Stars on The Smithsonian Channel #Brash #Sass #Fashion #Celebs


I admit that most vices in life I have given up. However there are two things I will never let go of. Chocolate and television. And wine. And….oh blast let’s get back to television.

If you are like me you are addicted to every fashionably interesting show out there. I am still fuming there isn’t more ‘It’s a Brad, Brad, Brad World’ and am addicted to the new show The Face. I’m rooting for Coco seeing as she is sassy and quirky. Well Gods be praised a new show has popped up and it looks fabulous. And it’s set in L.A. which makes me an even bigger fan.

Enter Frock Stars L.A. with the ever wicked and cool owner Doris Raymond, owner of The Way We Wore. One of the hottest vintage shops in L.A. County which dresses some of the hottest celebrities (Adele, Dita Von Tease).


How can I describe the owner? She’s fashionable, savvy and a vintage GODDESS. She knows whats up and down and she should be interesting to watch.


Add a fab staff of vintage divas in the know. Styles and designers they carry and hope to find range from the 1920′s to the 1980′s. And with a constant search for ‘the holy grail’ of vintage, it’s a super win.

Check out the teaser for the show here.

L.A. Frock Stars: Sneak Peek

Premieres  March 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Are you watching? I will be.

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Louis Vuitton Campaign Ad/Video, Controversial? #ProstitueChic #Feminism #Model #Gorgeous #NSFW #Video


I have seen a million campaign ad’s for fashion houses. Some are well done and some, complete crap. Some have artistic quality and some are just lewd.


This campaign video, by Louis Vuitton, is beautiful, chic, naughty, sexual and deliciously done.

Supposedly, and hear this by proxy of the HuffPost, feminist’ are up in arms about it due to it ‘glamorizing prostitution’. Being a feminist and being a strong-willed little fire starter myself I don’t buy the hype. It is sex, sex with a side of sexy. It also mad me really want the lingerie collection for AW 2013.

Like now.

Watch Below;

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Eric Benet New Video on Fashion Evolution “Music meets Style’ #Music #Fashion #Mens #Timeless



Streetwear may be a the new black but Men’s fashion, in my eyes, will always be about timeless, key pieces and classic style. The fedora will be forever classy, the tie and bow-tie represent class and can be chosen to show personality, and the classic three-piece suit will always be the ultimate in being a dapper don.

Eric Benet is an amazing musician with a vision. He is also a believer in timeless fashion and style. So much that he took his vision a step further to make a new, amazing video called ‘Music Meets Style’ (just released on Esquire.com).

Filmed at The Brooklyn Circus, a high-end menswear store in New York, Eric included such style and fashion writer as Dapper Lou  of www.dapperlou.com, pop critic / writer Miles Marshall Lewis of EBONY.com, KJohn (KJohn La Soul), co-creators of Stuff Fly People Like Rae Holliday & Gabe, as well as Rog Walker of Huffington Post.

With a mesh of spoken word, sound and vision, Eric illustrates how his personal style has evolved and what it means to him. Creating a masterpiece of what timeless fashion is with song only creates beauty, and this video is just that. Well played Eric Benet, well-played.

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Behind the Mirror, Fashion Video by the Hotness Known as DSquared #Fashion #Video #Dragtastic



I love D Squared. An Italian clothing collaboration by twins Dean and Dan Caten (born Dean and Dan Catenacci). Based in Milan these twins are not only fraternal but identical and specialize in the ultra-modern and chic. What’s not to love about D2? Nothing. They are perfection, embodied in fashion and willing to prove it.

I present to you their new campaign video for 2013, “Behind the Mirror”. With of course little hot Dean and Dan action in it a la cameo. In drag?!! You’ll have to watch this gender eff for yourself. Beautifully shot and visually delicious by the geniuses at Mert & Marcus and the double D’s never looked so good.

I present ‘Behind the Mirror”.

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Cara Delivigne Rocks the Punk. Vogue:Punk Stories #Hardcore #Punk #Fashion



If David Guetta didn’t wake you up with his pop house weirdness this morning maybe I can kick your little fashion ass into gear with this video. Put together by the lovely people at Vogue, Cara Delivigne (supermodel of the moment) rocks out in this Punk Stories video by Quentin Jones of Cadence (New York).

It’s a non-stop fashion blast. Grab your nearest Vivienne Westwood/Malcolm McLaren t-shirt, and turn up the volume for a perfect punk Vogue story.

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Social Media or Bust! Everything You Need to Know to Stalk Me on the Internet. #SMWIN #HeathyrWolfe #SendMeYour— #Facebook #Twitter #Instagram #Pinterest


Cracking up on the red carpet ain’t easy.

Photo by Bob Delgadillo at http://snapped4u.com/bobphotos

Photo by Bob Delgadillo at http://snapped4u.com/bobphotos

Yes for once this is all about ME! I was asked recently how someone can find me in the land of social media. Although I was tempted to answer, “Google me Bitch”, I decided not to be a snot and share my awesome social media sites.

As my friend said, “Damn you’re legit’.

FaceBook Personalhttps://www.facebook.com/HeathyrWould

Although this fills up constantly and I am having to play the delete game with a lot of filler profiles to make room for professionals and friends there is a chance you can hop on here and listen to me gripe. My personal stuff is posted here. Religious and political views. If you don’t want to know, don’t add it.

Facebook Fan Pages

HEATHYR WOLFE - https://www.facebook.com/HeathyrWolfe

A more personal, uber motivated me. Yes it’s me running it. I haven’t passed it to an intern….yet.

HEATHYRWOLFE.COM -https://www.facebook.com/Heathyrwolfedotcom

Related to my professional career because…inquiring minds want to know. If you are old enough to get this, you are super awesome.

My Twitter - https://twitter.com/HeathyrWolfe

For tidbits of wisdom, my blog and ‘stuff’

My Instagramhttp://instagram.com/heathyrwolfe

Because you aren’t hip unless you have one.

My Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/heathyrwolfe/

Cause I like pretty things and keep up with this thing called fashion.


Because it’s nice to know you are working with a professional and not a hack.

Google + – add me as Google +: Heathyr Wolfe, HeathyrWolfe dotcom

My Tumblrhttp://heathyrwolfe.tumblr.com/

Yes people still have those

And if you need to get ahold of me there is an awesome contact form below.

Have a unique product, clothing or accessory line you want me to write-up? I am on it. Contact me below and we’ll work it out and get you some publicity. Emerging designers are my bread and buttah!

Thanks for the follow and may the fashion force be with you.

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Dripped LA Fashion Soiree at SupperClub LA #Fab #Fashion #Elite #Runway


Dripped Show

Being so busy I forgot to do a review on a great fashion show I recently was part of here in the heart of Hollywood at Supperclub. It was smart, well put together and all about the elite.

I might have not gone had it not been for the fact, the talented and tres chic, Adolfo Sanchez, had an installation there. Adolfo has been taking the international fashion market by storm. With several seasons worth of shows at NYFW, national coverage and of course a recent trip to Turkey and Western Europe, Adolfo Sanchez has broadened his lines availability and now works on couture as well.

Check out his line here, because they are soooo very. Adolfo Sanchez Designs

In fact that was the first thing I saw as I walked in the door.


After a meet, greet and air kisses Adolfo and I looked on while his well-kilted assistant adjusted the installation before opening.


And open it did. The Dripped Soiree was packed and everyone was there from stylist and business entrepreneur Eric Burns, of Prep Jerks, Inc., Marianne Geisha Of GGeisha Productions and the style crew that included my long-lost friend Malakai.

After an hour or so of mingling and drinking the crowd was restless. We were thankfully rescued by being ushered into the main floor. The 5 designers presenting; Madem Black, Staci Sherri, J Loren, Reckor and FROCK LA. Allof the designers were on their game but my personal fave’s that  stood out were Madem Black, J. Loren and Frock.

With a full rubber and latex collection Madem Black kicked off with delicious diva’s in rubber, latex and PVC. Letting the imagination run wild she presented outfits with peek-a-boo latex lattices. One or two pieces even left nothing to the imaginations created from see through PVC and rubber. As it should when bringing the sexy. Between the spikes and latex everyone’s jaw appropriately dropped and Madem Black left us with a sexy taste in our mouth.

J. Loren brought the 60′s kitsch with gorgeous body-con dresses. With angular shoulders, J. Loren created sexy silhouettes bringing to mind Mad Men. Although some dresses were color blocked (and well) most were divided with loud prints and black lined figures, reflecting early 60′s sectional couture. A must have in my wardrobe. It was indeed, perfect skinny girl clothing.

Frock LA, was devastating.

They ended the show with a presentation that rivals most NYFW shows. Classic elegance, embodied in a ethnic chic. Tall, lengthy girls taking the time to not only show off their lengthy gowns but pose in the moment. Sadly I only got the first few models on the runway in video but they ended the show in absolute perfection.

Huge thanks to all involved, especially GGeisha Marianne and crew. I will be covering Frock LA when Dad’s Day is over.

Check out some of the random shots I got over the evening in the gallery below.

HJWretouch IMAG1862copy IMAG1863copyleadAS IMAG1864copy IMAG1866copy IMAG1867copy IMAG1868copy IMAG1869copy IMAG1870copy IMAG1873copy IMAG1874copy IMAG1875retouch IMAG1879copy IMAG1881copy IMAG1882copy IMAG1883copy IMAG1884copy IMAG1885-1copy IMAG1885copy IMAG1886copy IMAG1887copy IMAG1891copy IMAG1888copy
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Shopping for Fall Chanel Style. Runway and Editorial Video ‘Women Only’ #Pret-a-Porter #FW2013


Even though it’s 90 degrees out and you are still planning next weeks pool party it’s time to get a jump on fall wardrobe. The term ‘always be prepared’ applies her, especially when it comes to shopping!

Chanel 2013 fall

Being a true fashionista at heart means hours of scouring videos, runways footage and trashy blogs to find you the good stuff. For now let’s start with Unkle Karl’s/Chanel basics for fall.

Think classic tweed with modern leather, over sized glasses mixed with vintage 1930s suits. Bangles that embody both vintage Coco with perfectly placed rhinestones and the new wave of women who prefer fierce, clunky and something with an edge.

Ready to start shopping for the new you en le Monde Chanel?

Excellent. Below are two video’s to give you an edge on winter so you’ll be the head of the pack and queen bee of accessory.

Enjoy Chanel’s Fall/Winter runway for Ready to Wear in 2013/14.

In ‘Women Only’ Karl Lagerfeld manages to bring together LITERALLY every high fashion supermodel in the world for this unique view on Chanel’s Fall/Winter wardrobe.

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Mert & Marcus for Septembers ‘Interview’ Magazine #Sexy #Supermodels #MertMarcus



You cannot do better than hiring the geniuses that are Mert & Marcus in my book of people to shoot models. Their campaigns are brilliant, full of life, always sexy and trump the competition.

This September Mert & Marcus have taken over the cover of ‘Interview’ magazine to shoot the top supermodels in the industry. In a series of seven different covers depicting each model solo and in black & white the pictorial is striking. Inside you will find revealing confessionals from runway goddess featured. From Naomi to Daria to Linda you cannot miss buying ‘Interview’, even if it’s only for their covers.

o-NAOMI-570 o-MODEL-570 o-LINDA-570 o-KATE-570 o-CHRISTY-570 o-CHRISTY-570 (1) o-AMBER-570
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